Seven Tips For Renting A Car During The Holidays

If you do not have a car or if long car journeys are discouraging you, there are solutions.

Renting a car before departure or even at the place of your holiday can be interesting if you are a little vigilant.

Unfortunately, scams are not excluded. Following are some tips for renting a car.

Compare well, to rent well

Feel free to compare prices. Whether on the Internet or directly in the agency, rates can vary surprisingly. Know that it is sometimes more interesting to rent a vehicle by the week than day by day. Some dealers have also become involved in the rental segment and generally offer monthly offers.

Remember that some supermarkets have a rental service. If at first they mainly offered commercial vehicles, this is no longer the case today, and the prices are relatively competitive.

Online Booking

Rental offers are often more interesting online than in an agency. Sometimes rates can vary up to 30% for individual companies and during specific periods.

Better to anticipate and prepare for the trip, the economy will be visible. Do not hesitate to consult specialized sites to find the offer that best suits your needs.

Analyze your needs

If you go with your family, choose a minivan, for example. But if you are traveling alone or as a couple, a compact sedan will suffice. Rates vary mainly depending on the size of the vehicle you want to rent. Choosing a car adapted to your needs will allow you to control your rental budget.

Good to know :

Most renters charge for possible options. If you need a child seat or a navigation system, buying them will often cost you less than rental days. Think about it!

Beware of the supplements!

While basic rates are sometimes attractive, the price of supplements is often “invisible.” Adding driver (especially young driver), returning the vehicle to another agency or outside of opening hours, adding other equipment or extra kilometers will be charged, and the note can be very salty. Ask before signing the contract to avoid surprises.

Good to know :

The DGCCRF recently reminded rental companies of their obligation of transparency, but some agencies still forget too often to mention the price of supplements in their general conditions. Be careful!

Attention to mileage

Leases rarely offer unlimited mileage. This is an important criterion to take into account because any additional kilometer is charged. Generally, the price is between 0.30$ and 0.50$ per kilometer.

If you have an idea of ​​the mileage you want to travel during your holidays, remember to check if the offer of the renter fits your needs. Again, price differences can be significant.

Little tip:

Generally, the customer is asked to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as at the time of departure. Be careful, because if the renter indicates to do it for you, you will pay the fuel at a high price.

Review the terms of use

Some renters do not allow border crossing. Check this point before signing, especially if you have to go abroad. In the same vein, French renters restrict the circulation of certain vehicles overseas. For instance, you won’t be able to travel to certain countries in a premium vehicle.

Be assured!

Insurance is a crucial point. Be aware that leases generally offer only necessary guarantees. Do not hesitate to check them and, if necessary, subscribe to an extension.

Again, in the event of an incident or accident, the bill can reach peaks, and small departure savings can ruin an entire budget.

Renting a vehicle can be a great way to go on vacation. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be cautious and vigilant because a good plan does not always mean absolute security. Read your contracts, analyze the additional costs, and compare the offers. Do not ruin your vacation because of an unscrupulous landlord!