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Do Doubters of Solar Hot Water Cylinders Have Validation?

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Individuals who have doubts about the credibility of solar hot water cylinders have always had a platform.

There are a number of elements to take onboard when looking at hot water systems and comparing what technologies produce the best results.

It will be a decision for families and businesses alike that boils down to three core options: solar, natural gas and electric.

Here we will look at this sector objectively, taking onboard the positives and negatives that consumers will experience when investing in hot water cylinders.


Installation Fee and Process

Solar hot water cylinders do cost the most out of the lot to install and usually requires the most intensive installation process. This can present its own challenges depending on the terrain and the position of the home to the sun. The good news about the pricing of these systems is that the federal government offers residents and business owners rebates and pricing schemes that makes the exercise affordable. This will offset much of the concern about the budget.



Unfortunately for the doubters of solar hot water cylinders there are different types of systems that offer a strong degree of versatility. There are passive systems that utilise a storage tank and pipes for filtration or active systems that leverage collectors and automatically control the source of sunlight. Into 2020 and beyond this is a sector that is receiving more investment and innovation to easily bypass what gas and electric products can offer constituents.


woman taking a showerMaintenance Concerns

There is the possibility of corrosion when the oxygen sent through solar hot water cylinders rust parts of the steel. This is where specialists have to be scheduled to check that the pump is functioning correctly and that any potential corrosion can be corrected without threatening the entire operation. The fact remains that any domestic energy source has to be checked for conditioning and maintenance purposes, so it is not a domain that is isolated to solar brands. The important note for consumers is to have a warranty in place in the event that a replacement has to be sourced.


Higher Level of Sustainability

The durability and sustainability of solar hot water cylinders remain one of their central selling points for constituents all across the country. By generating more energy from a free resource, they enjoy a longer lifespan than their natural gas and electric counterparts. Many households find that they look after themselves for the most part by generating clean energy that self sustains over decades.


Helping The Environment

Home and business owners who are living with short-term pressures might not have the environment at the front of their mind when considering the purchase of solar hot water cylinders, but it is a key selling points that cannot be ignored.



For residents who are living in small apartment blocks or under shaded areas where space is at a premium, then it might be a better solution to have a natural gas or electric model. However, many customers find that the roof application is beneficial and frees up space, removing the need to install a cylinder at ground level and be visible in the laundry or behind the house. Once these items are placed on the roof, they are left to their own devices without occupying any room down below.



Although there are some slight logistical drawbacks with solar hot water cylinders, a large percentage of customers return positive feedback safe in the knowledge they have made the right choice. Switching to new forms of technology will always create doubt, but rather than ignoring those voices or concerns, energy outlets have been innovating and adapting their products accordingly. Others who prefer to opt with a traditional electric or natural gas brand can still access a future proofing policy where the provider can prepare the premises for solar inclusion at a later date.