The Differences Between a Western and a Japanese Hairdresser


The idea of a Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me likely springs to mind images of raven-maned youth with straight tresses and bangs – but they actually offer a lot more than this. Styles trending in 2019 range from silver lobs to bright yellow curls.

So what exactly are the differences between Western stylists and their Eastern counterparts? While they share a lot in common, here are some of the unique differences.


Knowledge of how to work with different strand types

Asian strands tends to be thicker, stronger and straighter than Western strands (due to differing numbers of cuticles), and as such need to be cut slightly differently. A Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me should be able to cut both types of locks equally well, so you won’t have to worry about a bad cut.



An Eastern salon might also use different products to a Western salon; they will often use high-quality products from their home country. They have the second biggest cosmetics market in the world, and are famous for their excellent yet simple products. They tend to use non-toxic, natural ingredients like seaweed, marine clay and flower oils. They are also famous for the Shiseido brand, which is most commonly associated with permanent straightening.



Additionally, a Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me will offer a different range of services to what you might typically get at a Western salon.

Some of the major ones are:


Permanent straightening

Permanent straightening is a popular option for people who are bored of their wavy or curly locks and want to switch things up. It uses a chemical solution to break down the bonds of the strands, thereby leaving them permanently smooth. Thanks to the special Shiseido crystallising technology it uses, it leaves the locks healthy, too.


Digital perm

woman curling her hair

If, on the contrary, you are tired of your straight locks, a digital perm will allow you to have a gorgeous, permanently curled mane. A digital perm uses a combination of heat and chemicals to reshape the locks in a manner that gives you much more natural-looking results than a cold perm.


Moisturising treatment

If you’re struggling with dry or flat locks, a Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me can provide you with a moisturising treatment, which might be exactly what you need. This uses a revolutionary combination of CMC, keratin and collagen to plump and hydrate the strands from the inside out.


Language differences

You may also find there to be language differences – many a Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me might speak limited English compared to a Western salon (though many of them might speak fluent English, depending on the salon). This shouldn’t be much of a problem, however.



A Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me will likely be particularly adept at cutting trendy shorter female styles, like bobs, lobs, layered cuts and pixie cuts. They are also experienced at cutting gorgeous bangs. Men might want to try out one of their spiky or messy medium-length styles. Ponytails and other updos can look good, too, if you have longer locks.


While similar, there are enough differences between the two types of salons to warrant a visit to a Japanese hairdresser in hair salons near me. From their advanced technologies to their unique styles, they’re the optimal choice for anyone looking to take their locks to the next level.

Keep in mind that whichever salon you end up visiting, your stylist should provide you with an initial consultation. This ensures that they can take into consideration your face shape, strand density and lifestyle before beginning any cut or treatment, so that you receive optimal results.