Why Corporate Flu Vouchers Are Valuable for Local Companies


Corporate flu vouchers are a great way for local organisations to protect their employees without limiting their participation to a set time, date and location.

Following the spread of COVID-19, enterprises at all levels have to make collective health a central priority of their operation.

What was once considered a means of exercising caution is now paramount for those workers who could easily be exposed to a new strain of flu.

Companies at the local level have more to lose in these circumstances without the extra resources to fall back upon when individuals become infected.

The good news is that these voucher schemes are available, ensuring that brands are able to take proactive steps to protect their people.


Versatile Service

One of the great benefits of engaging with corporate flu vouchers is being able to cater to the needs of all participants regardless of their circumstances. This will give local enterprises a chance to book a collective program for a set time, date and location, but also opens up additional possibilities. For those who would otherwise be traveling or unavailable for their appointment, they will have their report certified to attend their practice or pharmacy before receiving the injection.


Improving Collective Health

It is essential for owners and managers to take advantage of corporate flu vouchers in order to look after their most valuable asset – their people. By opting into a voucher program that provides immunisations for men and women, the organisation will experience a lower absenteeism rate and ensure that participants are healthy and protected from harmful strains of influenza. This is essential for the wellbeing of individuals who could be immunocompromised as well as those who are considered essential workers where their absence would be felt.


Keeping Corporate Participants Informed

For clients who are in the market for corporate flu vouchers, they can obtain firsthand information that informs participants about what is involved in the program and what they should expect. Owners and managers who sign up and receive these vouchers will not be experts in the field or have all of the answers at hand. By signing up as a client to the scheme, all men and women can engage with specialists and understand what is involved in the process before, during and after they receive their injection.


Open Quotes & Requests

No business is cornered and limited into their decision regarding which outlet they use for corporate flu vouchers. There is competition in this unique market where clients can shop around for their supplier. They can factor into the equation when they are available, how much they cost, how long the vouchers last for and whether or not they are rated and reviewed well by their peers. Upon receiving this information, the business can curate a shortlist of candidates and obtain quotes for these voucher initiatives before making a final informed choice.


Record Keeping

For businesses who opt into corporate flu vouchers, they are able to keep a record for individuals who have been immunised and put through the medical system. This is beneficial for those who want to know when they were immunised and for what type of flu they were covered for. Local companies with rigorous HR departments will value this exercise as much as anyone and ensure that ensuing programs for following years are smoothly run.


Local enterprises who have access to corporate flu vouchers are already ahead of the game when it comes to looking after their people and their business. The onset of flu season around April and May can be a tenuous time for many organisations, so the sooner that the matter is addressed and a practice is sourced, the sooner they can manage the flu season for their own interests.