electric car charging

Why The Tesla Car Charger is Essential For Local Drivers

electric car charging

The Tesla car charger is a natural extension of the Tesla Motors range, the global brand that has set the standard for electric car innovation.

What was once viewed as a niche line of products for specific drivers is now a must-have system for local operators when they are preparing to head out on the road.

Not only is there versatility and choice for consumers, but they are opting into a program that has been authenticated, tested and peer-reviewed.

We will take this opportunity to examine the Tesla car charger in more detail and discuss why this particular model is such a valuable asset for those who are undertaking short trips around town to extensive road journeys interstate.


Multiple Recharging Outlets

Those drivers who have access to their Tesla car charger have an opportunity to utilise three distinct outlets. This will include the standard wall outlet for home use, the high-powered wall outlet and the unit for public charging stations on the open road. Each of these options offers complete energy independence for customers who will love the versatility of switching between their domestic system and leveraging a public outlet.


Easy to Find a Station

The use of the interactive map titled Find Us can point a driver to their nearest Tesla car charger remotely. These Supercharger locations help participants recharge when they are out on the open road, allowing them to identify ahead of their journey where they can rest, relax and prepare for the rest of their travel. The Supercharger program carries a number of benefits for customers as they can operate on Tier 1 for 60kW of power or lower, or for Tier 2 that scales above the 60kW mark.


Efficient Power Usage

Whether a driver happens to have a single-phase power supply for their domestic needs or a three-phase supply, their Tesla car charger can operate to its most efficient level. The NEMA 5-15 is leveraged for those participants who can use a gradual charging system that provides approximately 5 km/h, commonly left to charge overnight. There is the NEMA 14-50 that will utilise a 240-volt outlet, working to have the vehicle ready to go within the span of 10 hours. The Superchargers found at designated stations can complete the same task inside 60-90 minutes. Each operation is geared for efficient use of power without overbearing any model for public or private spaces.


Tangible Cost Savings

Extensive studies have been carried out to demonstrate how the use of the Tesla car charger has domestic drivers ahead on their bank balance. For Australian customers, they are spending approximately $0.42 per kW of power used. With the longevity of the Tesla Model S and X respectively, there is far less to spend on repair and conditioning expenses that other vehicles will incur. This helps to put extra dollars in the back pocket for individuals who want to make an eco-friendly transition whilst looking after their bank balance and getting maximum mileage for their investment.


Trusted Brand

When it comes to electric vehicles, the Tesla brand stands head and shoulders above the competition. This is where the use of a Tesla car charger becomes beneficial because it is designed and resourced from the top manufacturers on the planet, giving individual drivers the chance to take advantage of cutting edge innovation and first-class customer service opportunities. Drivers are advised to do their homework and invest in a model that will provide quality for their money, and time and time again it is the Tesla name that emerges ahead of the rest on these key counts.